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Well surprise surprise Tom Preston’s retarded. Why you may ask? Well let’s break down his comic and artist’s description. first the comic itself. 
1. He knows nothing about how and why Vivian James was created
A group called The fine Young Capitalists (TFYC) hosted a charity (for lack of a better term) where women would pitch their ideas for video games, those ideas would be drawn out by concept artists, and then voted on. The winner’s game would be made and the funds would be donated to charity with 8% going to the girl who pitched the winning idea as royalties. 
Zoe Quinn (Yeah, we have to mention her again. Just think of her as the two bullets that started WWI) attempted to vilify the charity in a fit of persecution complex saying it was oppressive to have women give ideas for free. 
Not mentioning that was the extent of their contribution, ideas, not art or coding but being the ideas guy but I digress. She used her connections in gaming journalism to shame TFYC and major gaming journalists sites blindly followed her lead. 
When the Five Guys scandal started (this was before GamerGate was officially a thing), 4Chan’s /v/ caught on to this event when one of the “charity’s” prominent members wrote a comment on Reddit detailing what happened. You can read the comment here:
The result is something magical. 4Chan has defeated feminists by being better feminists and thus ultimately discrediting feminists. They funded TFYC’s project and donated enough money that they were allowed to design a character that would appear in the winning game. 
Being smart, they designed a female character that would go against the feminist’s assumptions. Rather than a ditzy bimbo, they created just about the most average girl ever but still one that was easily recognizable:
She was a girl. She was a gamer. But she wasn’t a gurl gamer. Her interests were video games. She hated video game journalists. Her shirt was green and purple representing 4chan’s color and she wore a 4 leaf clover on her headband to symbolize 4chan as well. Even her name was video game related. vivian James being a close approximation to vidya gaems, /v/’s terminology for video games. Save for the inevitable porn that was drawn of her later down the line, there was nothing inherently offensive about the character herself save for the people who made her. 
TFYC accepted the character and she became the face of GamerGate, a rebellion of the consumer against the corrupt devs, journalists, and social justice warriors corrupting the industry:
Of course feminists were still mad even though there was nothing offensive about Vivian’s design. They attempted to slam 4chan as pedophiles but that failed to catch wind. They attempted to contact and shame TFYC for accepting money from 4chan, ironic because it was feminists who attempted to destroy the “charity” in the first place. 4Chan funded a project to get women in gaming. Feminists are so hell bent on being victims that they actively attempted to oppress women from getting into gaming. Is there any finer argument that feminism is obsolete in the first world? 
2. Take a look at Dobson’s depiction of her and then take a look at what 4Chan made:
Dobson has made her shaplier, ditzier, wider eyed, and overall overly feminin. The very thing he criticizes artists hundreds of times better than he is of doing to women he did to a non-sexualized character for the purpose of making his side seem all the more valid. It was a deliberate choice on his part and he should be called out for such crude tactics. To put this in perspective, if 4chan had made a black character, Dobson would have drawn his lips bigger than the 4chan version. Apparently using stereotypical body types for women is only wrong if it’s not Dobson doing it. 
3. GamerGate isn’t sexist. 
In the very least, not in the way people are claiming it is. The members may not all live up to the standards set by First World Feminists and video game journalists but the movement is comprised of people from all walks of life. Outspoken feminists (including Christina Sommers, a Democrat labled as a conservative by journos) to Men Rights Activists. Various shades of philosophies about gender and gender identity can be found in the movement but the reason they all label it as sexist is because none of them subscribe to the extremists version that people like Tom Preston espouse. 
This is largely a problem with a lot of things. People and movements are unfairly labeled as sexist or racist because they wish to argue the point or don’t go all the way with what certain people think should happen. It’s even worse when it comes to history where the most progressive of people would still be vilified as racists or sexists for the crime of being born too early and subscribing to the views of the era. 
The point is when you hear something like a movement about video games being called sexist or misogynistic, take that with a grain of salt. Do your own research or the matter. Look at what they’re saying and maybe browse their forums and ask what it is that they’re against and why they might be called those things. Also look at who’s making the claim. How extreme are their views? dungeons and dragons was labeled as anti-Christian by radical Christians who see persecution everywhere. The film Drive was called anti-semetic…by a jewish man who sees anti semitism everywhere. 
People with extremist philosophies are going to see more persecution of their ideas than people who don’t. That’s just a fact of life so again, I encourage you to do your own research when people start throwing around accusations about these things. Especially when you wouldn’t be able to confirm it yourself upon a quick glance. 
4. Tom’s Joke was poorly worded. When I read “Occu-Lass Thrift, I immediately thought it was a pun on the Oculus Rift. A VR headset whose lead dev sold out to Facebook a few months ago. He really couldn’t figure out a better name to call her? Vivian Jame’s name works because it in of itself is a legitimate name but no one in their right mind would name their kid “Occu-Lass Thrift.” Again, Tom has no idea what Vivian James is and represents. If it weren’t for the girl’s comments, I think everyone would assume he was talking about the VR headset. Speaking of his comments. Let’s get right into that. 
Zoe Quinn’s jilted ex-boyfriend decided to post a rant about her online, accusing her of sleeping with journalists to get good praise on her free web game (accusations that were later found to be untrue). 
The Zoe Post (what Tom’s talking about) was written by Zoe Quinn’s ex boyfriend detailing her abusive and manipulative activities. The post in question left out a lot of information that was later found out by outside research but the gist is that she slept with journalists and game devs in order to promote her game Depression Quest. One of the people she slept with was her boss and another was the judge of an indie game contest that she contended. 
At this point it doesn’t even matter if they had their dicks in her at all. It was found that she has clear undeniable connections to these people and that they have promoted her and her game. This is a prime example of corruption in the video game industry where close ties kills objectivity and these journos report false information to the consumer in order to appease their friends and get more personal benefits from those they promote. 
 The #GamerGate movement was then started with the intention of pointing out issues with “gaming journalism ethics,” but thus far has only really been good at harassing women in the games industry and forcing them (and anyone who supports them) to leave.
Apparently no one has told Tom Preston about the campaign to e-mail the sponsors of these journos and get them to back out.
Nor has anyone told Tom Preston about #NotYourShield, a Twitter campaign encouraging people from all walks of life be it religious, gender based, race based, where you’re from, etc to come out and say they do not approve of these journalists and social justice warriors speaking on their behalf. 
And who would have thought that not one single person has mentioned GamerGate’s constant state of self regulation. You reading me type Zoe Quinn is the most you’ll get with that name because people in an attempt to separate themselves from her but still be able to comment on what’s important (her connections), have begun calling her “Literally Who.” In response to this Zoe has changed her Twitter name to Dr. Literally Who so it seems she’s loving the hate. 
Actually now that I think about it, I’m sure the critics Tom hasn’t blocked have relayed this info to him. I’m willing to bet he just deliberately ignored to so he can make history fit his ideals. Go back to the Ministry of Truth, Dobson. you’re a shit artist and a worse human being. 
When people started to question #GamerGate’s seemingly dubious motives, some 4-channers decided to make a “gamer girl” mascot called Vivian James to prove they weren’t sexist. 
See: Everything I have said previous to this and do refer to the links. The first two are screen caps going over exactly how and why vivian was made. Tom Preston is dead fucking wrong. Objectively wrong. If being wrong could hurt, Tom Preston would have died before he finished that sentence. 
After all… she’s a girl! Girls can’t be sexist, right? So if you’re wondering why there are so many icons of that girl on twitter or DA or whatever… that’s why.
Tom, I took this up with some psychologists and they have all declared you as a pathological liar. Short of the long. Vivian James is the face of the movement along with /V/’s board-tan (the simplistic angry looking bald guy you may see in GG images), real people like Milo, Internet Aristocrat (using his Youtube avatar), JonTron, Christina Sommers, etc. 
Sadly I have a feeling too many people will be coming here, arguing about #GamerGate’s true intentions, bemoaning “Not ALL GamerGate harassed women!” and completely ignoring my brilliant pun for the Occupy Wall Street girl. Bah.
Just do what you always do. block them like a little bitch. It can’t be that what you said was wrong. It can’t be that you’re deliberately misrepresenting the movement. It can’t be that you’re outing yourself once again as a white knight ass who knows absolutely nothing about what he’s talking about but somehow think his farts don’t stink. 
And fuck your little pun. Obviously people are going to ignore your shitty pun because that’s not what this comic is about you shit. Your entire description was about how sexist GG and vivian James are. Your first panel is a complete strawman of the movement. If I drew a picture of pig shitting on Muhammad followed by a second panel with a drawing of a chicken crossing the street, I’d have no right to say “and people are harping on my drawing of Muhammad and completely ignoring my brilliant why did the chicken cross the road joke. Bah.”
fuck you, Dobson. You’re objectively wrong. 
PS: Your girl looks worse than the one Reddit designed for TFYC! 
EDIT: Maybe he’s just mad that this isn’t how she’s usually depicted:
I went to the EDF and found that they thought the same thing about Dobson’s girl’s name. 

They accepted the challenge.
He’s not a smart man.

this reaction comic here breaks it down a bit easier.

plus the art work is a lot smoother crisper and better framed and presented the Dodson’s original comic.

It only pisses me off, because a terrible person, like Zoey Quinn, can continue to poison an otherwise harmonious industry, with uncalled for politics, lies, manipulation and filth. She is a renown liar, a traitor, and sociopathic-grade manipulator, who edits the narrative to get what she wants. It’s immoral. It’s indecent. It’s disgusting.

I’m not sexist. I love sex. It’s good sport.
- TM06

The Talented Mickey Six Does…His Own Game Concept

So, I’m sick to death of shooter campaigns. And here’s my idea for a game.

First off the bat, no more of this “special forces white dude, with more muscles than brain cells, follows a predictable path to beating down little brown impoverished men in a sand swept shit hole” bullshit. The problem with modern shooters is the thinly veiled lack of true internal conflict, and external threats. If you are an American special forces member, shooting brown people in a sand swept wasteland, with access to the worlds most powerful military force and sophisticated weaponry, to stave off the threat of militia troops with cold war weaponry, it’s not really a problem. You are the best at saving the world, so of course your saved the fucking world. Masterchief is a life time trained veteran. He’s a biologically engineered, cybernetically enhanced walking weapon. Its no surprise to me that he defeated the fucken Flood & Prophets, he’s Zeus and Dwayne Johnson in a suit of tank armour. There’s no ‘strugle’ there. The tragedy to the story is not heightened or powerful. It doesn’t affect him at all. He just moves on and beats asses down. That’s not good story telling at all. It’s this stupid ‘A’ to ‘B’ transtion of beginning and end, all things going mildly to plan shit, that’s wrong with the stories of shooters. They’re writting like 80’s action flicks. Then there’s the “realistic shooters”, where you are fighting in a morally ambiguous conflict, in the middle east, to stop goat farmers with your hand cannons and flying death machines. I don’t feel like I’m playing a good guy, when the USDF armed the Mujahideen during the Cold War, and invaded the Middle Eastern provinces, under false pretenses - SO, it stands to reason, that the atmosphere, that you aren’t the good guy, you’re a soldier doing his duty to his nation should be drummed into me. But no! They ,make me feel like a badass, cutting down legions of borderline defenseless impoverished South Americans, in the Favella’s of Brazil instead.

Try this.

Heavily inspired by the French Resistance, during WWII German occupation of France.
You play as a mid-20’s woman, who has a serious psychological condition. And as the last remaining member of your family, you join a rebel militia to defeat a powerful occupying military force.

Story is pretty rough at this point. Your father was a run away. Your mother and sister died during the occupation raids, your younger brother was killed in the war for your country. Due to the government being overthrown, you cannot access medication for your condition, and you slowly begin a steep decent into total madness. Your psychosis loosens the reins on your mental and physical capacity, especially in regard to harming those around you (not always enemies).
Here’s the deal. The game implements madness sequences as a dark void, that simulates your surroundings at sometimes convenient times (wouldn’t it be great to be a badass psycho killing machine in a hallway with a squad of armed guards?), but not always. Sometimes the character will have to deal with her psychosis at painful, inconvenient or peaceful times, to really drum in the struggle and the pain of her mental illness. This is not Call of fucking Duty, you will have to watch her suffer REAL problems. She will feel helpless at times, she will fail, her condition will be a bane on her life. But being that she can supersede her inadequacies during her hallucinations, it will be perceived as both a gift and a curse. But no one will envy the burden she carries.

That’s the growing theme - you are fighting with the enemy, to save others from feeling your anguish, sorrow and pain. You are following the path given, not the path chosen. You are fighting for your people and your country. But, you also fight with yourself, with your grief and with your guilt. You won’t always go badass on your enemies. Sometimes she’s going to have to kill people she doesn’t want to, or feel real, human guilt and hurt from shooting someone else. She’s not a soldier. She’s a person, a young woman who has lost everything, fighting to bring an end to a conflict that has shaped her destiny, and destroyed the only life she knew. And while her circumstances weigh heavily upon her (emulating actual people, obstacles and issues), she is not ‘broken’ like some overused female fucktoy *cough* LARA CROFT *cough*, she is not fates chew toy…again, Lara fucking Croft. Her only real super power is the ever enduring will power she possess, as she clings to the only thing in her life giving her direction, because the world as she knows it has collapsed entirely.

No love interest. She’s not going to be a lovesick puppy with codependency issues, or a damsel in distress. She is not going to find salvation in the arms of some tough guy. She just lost her fucking family, I doubt she’s looking for a relationship right now, especially at the height of the occupation of her homeland. There has to be men afraid of her psychological condition, others who look up to her prowess in battle, and some who pity her for all she has suffered.
No old fart, commanding the ragtag team of militia. I’d have the leader being a young, valourous, idealistic and optimistic man, He’s not a particularly skilled soldier, but then again, you are a militia squad, so not many of you will be. He will be guided by a motherly figure, who organises the team and shares similar losses to the character, acting as her parental figure also, and a older man with military experience but not the battle axe or PTSD type, just a level headed tactician.

Add a young boy, who’s relationship with the character is a redemption for the characters guilt, for being powerless to prevent her brothers death. The boy will remind her of her little brother and she will train him, and give him moral counsel.These are real human relationships. Those who lose parents at a young age will typically seek out strong parental figures. She’s a human being, so she is not excused from that. And living with her guilt, she takes a young boy under her wing, to make peace with a dark part of her recent past.

The ‘madness’ will set in, by all of the colours brightening and the dark abyss setting in shortly after. She will have active moments, where she lashes out at those around her, kill enemies, maybe even a friend. She will have flashbacks in the madness, and key character development laid out there too. But most of all, the madness functions to drive the desperation of her journey to overcome the many obstacles in her difficult circumstances. There in lies the heart of storytelling here. She OVERCOMES ADVERSITY. See that? That’s the two words that you never fucking see in action games anymore. She has suffered immeasurable loss, and has found herself adrift, in a sea of torment and cruel fates. But, having no other choice, she has pushed through the pain and anguish, to realise a better world. See? It’s almost alien to CoD players, and Halo junkies, The idea that your character isn’t invincible and inhuman.
This is not a story of a well trained solider, kicking ass. This is the tale of a person who found the will to live on, after losing the only life she knows, through finding her place in a battle that was thrusted upon her. She makes friends and finds a new family amongst her brethren at war.

She can’t be your typical bitchy, whiny or helpless character though. She understands pain and loss, to a superhuman capacity. She’s strong willed, but she’s not your common super solider guy, reskinned as a female with a woman’s voice dubbed over it. She has to be real. Not some stupid gun toting hottie, with an attitude problem. I hate playing as female protagonists for this reason. It’s not that they’re female protagonists, it’s that they’re not really female at all. What female soldier turns around and thinks “Its mighty war on that battlefield, I better bring my two-piece, and my short-shorts” - get fucked. I’d like playing as a woman, if they’d allow me to play as one who isn’t better suited for a porn set, than a battlefield. It’s ridiculous. No person is stupid enough to take their Sunday best to the fucken green zone!
All they do in modern video games, is write a male role, pretend to be cool and edgy, throw a female skin on them, slut her up a little for wank bank material, get a female voice over in, and call it a day. It’s not deep or engaging, it’s porn for entry level virgins.

I want her to come to grips, not only with the war, her humanity, her strengths and human weaknesses, but her new life. I want her to develop and grow with the escalation of the conflict, and for her to progressively suffer more under her condition as the time passes. There’s a huge emphasis on her normality and weakness, and her ability to triumph above war and sorrow, through the power of the human spirit and the support of her new found friends. And that’s what makes her an engaging character. She’s not Masterchief. But she doesn’t have to be. She just has to keep fighting. She doesn’t have all the skills, or all the answers, but no one does, and she doesn’t need to. She has one objective - end the occupation of her homeland, and save as many lives as she can along the way. That’s what sets it apart from your run of the mill action game.

Also, the madness creates an excellent function for multiplayer. As well, it gives huge creative license to play with the mechanics. Being that she is physically in the real world, but mentally in a hallucination, the rules don’t apply. What happens, and what the player sees through her eyes, doesn’t necessarily have to align. It runs a duel story line esteem what you think you see and what really happens, and her madness can therefore augment her reality, and her recollection of past events, leaving the true nature of her life to questioning and mystery. Did she really watch her mother and sister get cut down by death squads? Or is she piecing together other people’s tales of the events? See? I was thinking it would have a strictly first person multiplayer, but the single player campaign would change between 3rd and first person, with puzzle elements brought in during the ‘madness’ sequences.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I haven’t gotten to antagonists or actual events yet. But it’s just a draft pool of concepts at this point. Feel free to give me your thoughts.








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But it’s not about race, right America?

Lets not ignore the gender element as well

The fuck? Why wouldn’t we ignore gender? Women get shorter sentences than men on average everywhere in the world, in America it’s 15 times shorter than an equivalent mans sentence.

Zimmerman waived his right to a “stand your ground” hearing during pretrial. Here’s something interesting comparing two of those examples.Also, Zimmerman’s Hispanic - or did people forget that?

"Child"Martin was over 6 feet tall, trained in mixed martial arts and had repeatedly beaten people up. He also MADE IT HOME, then went BACK outside to fight Zimmerman - even though he was urged not to by his mom and girlfriend.Furthermore, he slowed down when he spotted Zimmerman and waited to confront him. Martin was shot from less than 6 inches, in the chest - while he was sitting on top of Z, smashing his head into the ground. "Child" my ass, Martin was a thug but these assclowns want to hold him up as some kind of hero.

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